About Us

501(c)3 Number: Permit No: EO- 22-267-4152 

The mission of the 55 Kip Center is to promote the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual well-being of older adults, and to facilitate their participation in all aspects of community life.

55 Kip Center has established itself as a community focal point where older adults can come together for services and activities that reflect their diverse needs and interests, enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in and with the center and the community.

Our History
55 Kip Center has operated since it opened in 1985 at a local parish house in partnership with the Interfaith Council of Rutherford. The Center provided programs, activities, and meals for older adults on Saturdays only. In April 1995, the Center moved to 55 Kip Avenue and now operates a comprehensive and full time program promoting the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual well-being of older adults.

Today, our professional staff and dedicated volunteers cater to a community of over 700 active members of all ages.

Financial Information