FITNESS - Fall Session 16 Weeks:  January 8th-April 19th
The center offers several fitness classes that make exercise fun and beneficial. 
 Evening classes in Red
                      Classes                                   Days                            Time                Fee    
Aerobics Tuesday & Thursday  9:00 am  $68
 AerobicsTuesday & Thursday 10:00 am $68
 Chair AerobicsTuesday & Thursday 11:00 am $68
Arthritis Foundation ExerciseTuesday & Thursday  1:00 pm$68
Men's Fitness       Tuesday & Thursday   2:00 pm  $ 68
Yoga Tuesday 7:00 pm $75
 Body StrengtheningWednesday & Friday9:00 am$68
Body StrengtheningWednesday & Friday 10:00 am$68
Chair YogaWednesday  11:00 am $68
 T'ai Chi ChihWednesday 12:30 pm $68
 YogaWednesday 1:30 pm$34
 YogaFriday12:30 pm  $34
 Tap Wednesday 2:30 pm$34
 Zumba Gold


 6:00 pm


Art DiscoveryWednesday6:00 pm$75
 Body Strengthening Thursday6:00 pm $75
 Yoga Thursday 7:00 pm$75

 Friday 11:00 am$34
 Yoga Friday 12:30 pm$34
Cabanics Saturday  9:30 am $75
Yoga Tuesday7:00$75

Aerobics:  Designed for older adults to improve their cardio-vascular system and   increase muscular strength and balance with the use of free weights and bands
Chair Aerobics:  The class is the same as aerobics but seated
Body Strengthening:  This class uses a combination of weights and bands in a variety of exercises (standing and sitting) to improve overall muscles strength, posture, and balance.
Men's Fitness:  This class is designed for Men Only to improve cardio-vascular system and to increase muscle strength and endurance.
T'ai Chi Chih:  Consists of 19 gentle movements and one pose. Increases energy, relieves stress, improves balance and provides various other physical and emotional benefits.
Arthritis Foundation Exercise:  The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program uses gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion.  With the guidance of Dina Ford       increase strength and increase overall stamina.
Dancercise:  A fun, energetic exercise program using upbeat, easy to follow dance steps that will include salsa and ballroom moves.
Zumba Gold/Latin Dancerise:  Get in shape the Latin way!  Using Latin music this high energy salsa style for a full cardio workout.
Tap:  Adult Tap (beginner) is aimed at those adults who want to give tap dancing a go.
Yoga:  This class will explore a series of poses that will enhance your physical and mental well-being.  Bring a mat to class. 
Mind-Body-Spirit:Combine all aspects for a happier healthier you!
Cabanics:  This  class consists of rhythmic movements to music using props.  This fun approach to exercise can help circulation, provide strength and endurance, improve balance and flexibility and increase degree of range of motion and join mobility..