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                         Assistance for older Adults during Isolation

Thank you to all of you who have offered assistance for shopping while we all face the realities of isolation during the social distancing and confinement.  We do have a program, Home Friends, that has existed for over 20 years from 55 Kip Center that provides assistance throughout the year to seniors so that they can stay independently in their homes. However, this is a volunteer program and many of our Home Friend volunteers are themselves over 60, therefore, your offer of help is greatly appreciated.  If you are an older adult and need assistance in the Rutherford area or if you would just like a friendly phone call to check in on you, please contact 55 Kip Center at 201-460-1600.  If you would like more information about this program, offering your services, or signing up someone for assistance please contact Cathy Baviello at [email protected]  The longer this crisis prevails the more seniors will be needing assistance.